Scientifically based, artistically interpreted

Dave Campbell offers to bring to your fish project over thirty-seven years total experience practicing the fish taxidermy art, with twenty-nine of those operating as a full-time commercial fish taxidermy studio in Tacoma, Washington. 

A commitment to old world craftsmanship guides his use of modern materials and techniques.  An understanding of fish anatomy, physiology, and morphology provides a foundation for recreating the fish form and pose through carving and sculpture.  The unique combination of airbrushing and hand painting he employs lends itself well to mimic both the subtlety and crispness of natural fish coloration.  

By continuing to hone his fish taxidermy craft over the years and attaining three Best In World titles in the process, you can be certain that Dave Campbell can serve your needs for world-class quality work that stands the test of time.

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